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Place Type : Car Wash, Gas Station, Convenience Store, Food, Store
Address : 1119 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia, SC 29169, USA
Coordinate : 33.9783735, -81.0746679
Phone : +1 803-794-4838
Rating : 3.10
Website :
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Marion Duncan (13/10/2017 03:04)
Have had many great experiences at Al's car wash.Thank you for the great detailing job on my Tundra. will continue to come for many more car washes.

Don Wieder (28/09/2017 06:06)
What a bad customer experience today
2 cars ahead of mine and it still took them 30 minutes to get the truck into the car wash once they said they were done the rims still have brake dust on them and were still bugs on the windshield
First time there definitely will be the last

Melinda Kensek (26/03/2017 19:12)
Very happy with the finished product. Had my car detailed with no issues. My car was showroom ready when I picked it up. Many thanks to Al and his staff for a fantastic job.

KGOB (11/01/2017 00:08)
I have been a repeat customer for many years and greatly appreciate Al and his great staff. My cars are always sparkling clean! ~

Rugged Raww (02/11/2016 03:36)
I sent my wife there 2 get the car washed 4 an out of town trip & she bring's the car back half dirty with towel lent all over it. She said she asked the guy "u call this car 'washed' look at the dust & dirt near the shifter & in the door handles" the guy replies that will be $27.99 ma'am & then goes & rewipes the car before walking away. They deserve a 1/2 of star 4 effort HINT: WASTE OF $$$

thehills 5000 (22/07/2016 05:02)
Really disappointed... They have a fancy website, but they don't deliver. They did not even wipe down the inside of my car when I got the $23 service. They said I needed to buy the $39 service if I wanted that!

Christian Sawyer (07/05/2016 23:38)
By far one of the worst car washes in Columbia, if not, one of the worst I have ever been to anywhere. Here's why:

It's still an automatic car wash. They do vacuum and "clean" the interior of your car by hand, but they're still running it through an automatic car wash. Not really a huge deal for me because I knew this going in, but just letting others know who might not know this.

"The Best" package should be changed to "The Worst" or "The Mediocre". They're supposed to clean your glass with this package, but the glass had more streaks AFTER they "cleaned it". Not only that, but I don't think they own a cloth that doesn't leave tiny pieces of fabric all over your glass and car after wiping. Also, they do an extremely poor job of cleaning other interior surfaces such as the side consoles, climate/radio controls, etc.

The employees that they hire are also super sketch. Honestly, this wouldn't matter to me if the service weren't terrible, but you can definitely tell they are UNDERPAID and TEMP workers.

Essentially, don't go here. For the $25 I paid, you are better off cleaning your car yourself. You could clean your car in about 15 minutes and do a better job than they do here.

Braden Poovey (17/04/2016 00:49)
Poor experience all around. Got charged an extra $3 for having a hatchback as its an "oversized vehicle". The reasoning was it has extra glass/area to clean. So apparently having an extra 3 square feet of glass justifies a huge surcharge. Also watched my car sit while five other vehicles got pulled ahead of it for no rhyme or reason. Won't be coming back.

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